We welcome fellow fountain pen enthusiasts to contribute to this site, as we seek to grow this website into an important source of information for the fountain pen community. Here are some ways you can contribute to On Fountain Pens (henceforth referred to as “OFP”), and the respective guidelines. Click on the buttons below for more information.



You may advertise on OFP in the form of banners or advertorials, either on this website or on our social media accounts.

  • Banner advertisements will either be located in our sidebar, which appears on most pages of the site, or on specific places
  • Advertorials will be full detailed articles about products or services

Note that at this point, we do not have facilities to support tracking of the performance of your advertisement.

For banner advertisements:

Definition of “above the fold”: When your banner ad is above the fold, it means it will be within the top part of my web page and viewers are able to see it once the page loads, without having to scroll down. Advertising above the fold would be more premium as it is the most prominent and visible spot.

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I offer 3 pricing tiers for advertising in the sidebar  –

  • Above the fold: limited to one 300 pixels by 300 pixels banner, as illustrated in the picture above
  • Below the fold, in the “advertisements and affiliates” section
  • Below the fold, at the bottom of the sidebar (below “Popular Reads”)

Contact us for pricing and more information.


You can submit a guest post to be featured on OFP as long as it is related to fountain pens. Your post may either be a product review, a list, advice, a tutorial, or simply your personal experiences (not an advertisement). The post may focus on fountain pens, inks, paper, or other paraphernalia, with at least one mention of a fountain pen to keep it relevant to fountain pens.

As this site is PG rated, please refrain from using profanities, violent language or sexual references. Also, while you are definitely encouraged to provide honest opinions, please do not slam or flame companies, brands, communities, or individuals (even if not named).

If you are interested to submit a guest post, please first contact us by emailing to let us know your intention and the topic you have in mind. Please also note the following:

    • Article should contain 450-2000 words (negotiable) and include a title
    • Content must be original, must not have been published elsewhere, and should not be published elsewhere later on
    • If quotes and information are to be cited/copied from elsewhere into the post, please include the source(s) of reference
    • We request that all photos submitted must either be
      • Original (created by yourself), and that you grant us permission for commercial use, or
      • Stock photos from sources that have granted free or commercial use of the photos
    • The reason why we request commercial use is not because we want to sell the photos, but because we generate remuneration on OFP via affiliate links and sponsorships, and would like to avoid any possible conflicts of interest through using media and content that are not permitted free/commercial use
    • We may place contextual affiliate links in articles to direct readers to retailers that sell the relevant products. Please indicate so if you do not wish to have any affiliate links in your submission. See Disclaimer/Disclosure for more information.
    • We do not compensate writers for guest posting. However, we are happy to include an author bio at the end of your guest post with links to your website, portfolio, and social media accounts, provided they are suitable for the general public (PG-rated). Please provide your bio and all relevant links and keep it short (below 70 words)
    • We strive to keep content that you submitted as original as possible, but we may make minor edits to correct grammatical or spelling errors in the copy, or reformat it to suit posting on OFP

If you have any other questions, drop us an email at


Note: We reserve the right to reject sponsorships if we feel that they may not be relevant to OFP or our readers.

  • Product sponsorships

We are constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products to write about on OFP. If you would like to sponsor us a product (relevant to fountain pens, of course), send us an email! We will review the product and credit you or your company in the post. Do note that:

    • Sponsoring us the product means we are allowed to keep it for ourselves for free
    • Reviews of the product will contain our own opinions of the product and not influenced by the sponsor
    • We do not request compensation for the review, but if you wish to pay us for our effort, it will be most welcome. 🙂
  • Sponsor our giveaways

OFP holds a variety of giveaways on our website as a way to thank our readers for reading our blog. Types of giveaways include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Quarterly draw for email subscribers
    • “Product review + giveaway” type posts. Example of one such post here. Opinions on such posts will have to be ours and not influenced by the sponsor.
    • Occasional other giveaways such as “milestone” giveaways (when OFP has achieved a certain number of followers on social media, subscribers, etc.), festive giveaways, etc.

Contact us if you’d like to sponsor us.

  • Be our Patron

This blog requires money to run and the cash flows into payments like hosting, domain registration, newsletter services, postal costs (from mailing out giveaway parcels), purchase of products for reviews, giveaways, etc. If you would like to be a kind soul and support us via monetary pledges, click on the following Patreon banner link to find out more. You get to receive various perks at every monthly pledge level!
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