Planning my planner project

Hello everyone! Not a Noteworthy OFP post today, just a quick update. Final week of September leads me to think about the coming of the end of the year. Which means it’s about time to start preparing for next year. Which means… time for a new planner! How have I fared for my 2017 planner? Well, I can only say that expectations are always more positive than reality. I imagined using a beautiful planner with much diligence and decorating it from time to time. But open up my planner now, and you’ll see only chicken scratches and unkempt scribbles. Not a pretty sight. Not that it’s very important to have pretty planners, although it does lift my mood if I’m seeing something pretty, neat, and colourful.

Planning a planner

I have been trying to look for one to suit my moods and needs, but to no avail. Well, it isn’t that there isn’t a single suitable planner out there, but as I am picky, I have a tendency to want Part A of this, combined with Part B of another, and so on. I have found a solution though, and that is to design and make my own! And hence, I have embarked on my planner designing project, after browsing tons of them online.

That was what I’ve spent most of my weekend doing, which is why this post was a little overdue. To be honest, I like doing creative things, but I am not such a creative person myself. The planner I have designed (halfway) so far is relatively simple, with lots of space to scribble stuff, and not at all like the fancy ones a Google image search would yield. I also need to balance fancy with some seriousness as I would mostly be using this planner for work.

I have decided to print the pages onto some good quality paper (preferably Tomoe River Paper, if I can get them at a decent price), bind them into little books, and then combine all the little books into a Traveler’s Notebook setup. Customization means freedom (relatively), so the Traveler’s Notebook may be ideal for me. Probably after I’m done putting them all together, I can do up a post to share my planner-making process with all of you.

Too much work?

I consider myself a lazy person, except for when I am really motivated to get something done. Because of this project, I have finally forced myself to learn how to use Adobe Indesign. It’s not so difficult to use based on my current needs, and is a really convenient way to set pages up. I like it so far. However, if you haven’t yet gotten the same motivation as me to make your own planner, you may wish to buy one for yourself (or… psst… Christmas is coming… wishlist, ya know).

Before I decided on the Traveler’s Notebook, I had seriously considered the Hobonichi Planners, and even voted for a Grouphunt on this. In case you don’t know what Grouphunt is, it’s a place where people can request for group purchases of products at a lower price. Sounds like Massdrop? Yep, but it’s currently based out of Singapore. The Hobonichi Grouphunt is now live and you can buy the Hobonichi Techo if you like. I almost bought it, and would probably have, had I not started my DIY planner project!

That’s all the comments I’ve got for today. Looking forward to finishing my planner design, print it out, and show it to all of you! Knowing myself, though, I’d probably take a long time to decide and finalize my design. We’ll see. I’ve got to get it done before 2018 starts, anyway!

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  1. globetrotter829 2 October 2017 / 11:44 PM

    Iā€™m getting into bullet journaling for 2018 myself! Please keep us updated and share images!

  2. globetrotter829 26 September 2017 / 2:56 AM

    Maybelline, what format planner are you doing? A bullet journal, perhaps?

    • Maybelline T. 2 October 2017 / 10:42 AM

      It would be a monthly and weekly planner with some space for bullet journaling. šŸ™‚

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