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Hey everyone! I am back here briefly to request your feedback on an idea that I have for On Fountain Pens. You probably have noticed that I have pretty much “abandoned” this website since last August. To be honest, all of you are great readers and I get a lot of support from everyone, but I haven’t found the motivation or energy to commit to any project at all as I have been going through, well, a “phase”, for lack of a more descriptive word.

I’ve come to realise that I miss everyone and I miss contributing to the community. Previously, I hadn’t even been willing to accept guest posts or advertorials, but recently I decided to accept one, and I was so warmed by the positive feedback from everyone, that I felt that I should come back here, even if to just do something simple.

Well, I have the idea to bring back a slightly modified form of “Sunday Inkings”, where I post a weekly or biweekly post, featuring the following:

  • handpicked articles from other awesome websites
  • a product, such as a pen, an ink, or related accessories
  • other related information

The content will not be of my own, and I know some of you will not like the lack of original content, but it would be a curated list of articles I personally find noteworthy. Would this be something of interest to you? Please let me know in the poll box below. You can also suggest ideas if you like, in the comments section of this blogpost.

I’m looking forward to your feedback, and thank you for your continued support!


Do you want to see a regular feature of a pen / ink / accessory, and a curation of articles from other sites, on OFP?

Yes, as long as it’s fountain pen-related, anything’s fine!
No, I don’t need a ‘magazine’, I can find articles on my own to read!

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  1. Keith 6 September 2017 / 8:54 AM

    Great to have you back! Missed you, cannot have too many fountain pen enthusiasts!

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