Sunday Inkings #49



When promises are not delivered: The Parker 5th – The Pen Addict

The Montblanc Heritage Rouge et Noir Coral Fountain Pen: A Review – The Pen Addict

News: M205 Aquamarine Special Edition Demonstrator – The Pelikan’s Perch

Pelikan Stola III Fountain Pen Review – Pens! Paper! Pencils!

East Pen Made in Tokyo – Cronicas Estilograficas


Diamine Gold and Silver with Frankenflex – Fountain Pen Inks & Bleach


Reasonably Priced Pen Carry: Lihit Lab Bags and Cases – The Gentleman Stationer

Non-Negotiable: Eleven Days of Morning Pages – From the Pen Cup

Review: Galen Leather Field Notes Cover – Alt Haven

5 Responses

  1. Tom 18 July 2016 / 4:46 AM

    Thank you, I had fun reading the collected articles!

  2. Mike Grove 18 July 2016 / 4:11 AM

    The ‘Morning Pages’ article was interesting. I started keeping a daily journal last year (though I don’t religiously do it first thing in the morning – just whenever I get a spare minute), and was worried that I wouldn’t know what to write, but I did. I.e. I write everything!

    Not just dreams but stuff I did, what I felt (feelings are especially good to write down, especially the ones you wouldn’t normally share with anyone), fantasies (definitely not for sharing!!), and what I had for dinner, etc.

    And the best thing is that, like ‘Pen Cup’, I get to use my pens and inks more – typically one pen per week’s worth of entries. I’d recommend doing it to anyone.

    Actually, it’s a bit like talking to yourself and working your stuff out. Or kind of like a secret place you can go where you’re safe from the rigours of life (good if you’re an introvert). Ok, I think I’ve made my point! 🙂

    • Maybelline T. 18 July 2016 / 6:41 AM

      Hi Mike, it sounds comforting to have such a “place” like that to go to. Definitely useful for introverts. 🙂 Keep writing!

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