Pilot Singapore is organizing a Pen Clinic!

I recently received an invitation to the Pilot Pen Clinic in Singapore, but I am absolutely disappointed because… I WON’T BE AROUND AT THAT TIME TO ATTEND IT!

Damn, why do such exciting events always clash with my business trips!

The Pilot Pen Clinic will be held from 27-29 July 2016, and the esteemed Namiki Nib Specialist, Mr. Atushi Takizawa from Japan, will be present to “diagnose and heal” Namiki pens. Interestingly, he is also known as a “Pen Doctor”, since he specializes in servicing the pens. According to Pilot, a Pen Doctor is a “highly experienced nib specialist who will do his best to service your fountain pen to a reasonable condition within the allocated timeframe.

Here is the background information about the Pen Doctor and Namiki Maki-e, (all information and the picture are from Pilot Singapore):

A doctor of a different kind – A Pen Doctor, Mr Atushi Takizawa


Mr. Atushi Takizawa servicing pen nibs

Mr Atushi Takizawa, Namiki’s Nib Specialist from Japan joined PILOT Corporation (formally called The PILOT PEN CO. LTD) in 1981. After 14 years of career in mould designing for fountain pens and jewellery, he joined the tip manufacturing section and has acquired vast knowledge and its technique. Since 2005, he has been travelling extensively globally to service Namiki pens.

Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer technique which was initially used to design household items that were favoured among the royal families and military leaders which saw it as a symbol of power. The millennium-old method of Maki-e has been handed down as Japan’s traditional craft and continues to be used till this day by Namiki to individually create and perfect each pen.

Namiki Maki-e fountain pens encompass the ultimate fusion of skill and spirit inherited from the brand’s predecessors, and also the roots of Pilot Pen. Since their inception in 1925, as the top brand of Maki-e fountain pens conveying Japanese traditional culture, Namiki has earned praise from around the world up until today.

Be enthralled by the pristine attention to detail and the superior craftsmanship that has won the hearts of fine pen cognoscente and art lovers alike.

Pilot also has a website with all the details of the 3-day programme, Do’s and Don’ts lists for the event, and frequently asked questions. Generally, anyone can attend the event, but if you have a pen that needs servicing, an appointment needs to be made. There is a registration form for you to register your interest to join the pen clinic if you have a Namiki pen that needs servicing: http://pilotpen.com.sg/penclinic2016/

I am looking forward to hearing about the event from my fellow fountain pen friends, since I am not able to join the event personally. Will you be making time to join the event?

Event name: Pilot Pen Clinic 2016

Date: 27 July 2016
Venue: Elephant & Coral Pen Co., Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

Date: 28 July 2016
Venue: Fook Hing Trading Co., Bras Basah Complex, Singapore

Date: 29 July 2016
Venue: Aesthetic Bay, Ion Orchard, Singapore

Lock these dates in your calendar!

I would love to hear your thoughts!