Sunday Inkings #44


I have finally, finally managed to get my site working again (hopefully), and it’s going good so far. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it doesn’t break again. I was just about to give up hope on continuing this blog. Phew!

Here are this fortnight’s Sunday Inkings. Enjoy reading!


Review: OMAS Arte Italiana Art 2015 Liquid Green – Alt Haven

Why Aren’t Vintage Pens More Popular? – Pen Economics

Daiso’s Fountain Pens – Cronicas Estilograficas

Making of a Grail Pen – Hakumin Urushi Kobo Edison Skinny Pearl Kyokko – Penucopia


Favourite 5: Inks – The Fountain Pen Quest

The Story Behind Pelikan 4001 Blue-black – The Pelikan’s Perch


Signs of Change – Cronicas Estilograficas (I personally find this post very insightful!)

2016 Seoul Pen Show (Spring) – Inklode

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  1. Linda 13 May 2016 / 1:26 AM

    Thank you, love this digest!

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