#pendelight: Pilot Capless Kasuri and Midnight Blue – New Designs for 2016

Pilot Capless Kasuri Green Pilot Capless Kasuri Red

Click, click! Pilot introduces annually some new designs for their Capless retractable fountain pen, and this year they have just unveiled 3 new designs. Two of them are the Kasuri designs as seen above, in green and red. Kasuri┬árefers to fabric that has been woven with dyed fibres that create specific patterns and motifs in the fabric, particularly in the 18th century. The two Pilot Capless Kasuri pens show a simple repeating pattern that is not too flashy, and is subtle enough for everyday use. I wonder why they chose these two colours – might there be some link to the Chinese traditional “red for male, green for female” symbolism?

The Pilot Capless Kasuri pens have nibs that come in fine, medium and broad sizes, and are 18K rhodium plated, along with the trims of the pen.

Pilot Capless Midnight Blue_ON

In addition, Pilot has also introduced a less traditional-looking, and more modern variant which is the Pilot Capless Midnight Blue. This pen boasts a striking blue colour, with matte black trims which fit the description of being a “Midnight Blue”. This pen looks a little more masculine and might attract those who enjoy a contemporary and sleek-looking pen. The blue barrel has a smooth metallic finish.

The Capless Midnight Blue comes in more nib sizes, namely extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, and stub nibs.

All of the above retail at S$270 at all authorised retailers in Singapore.

Which is your preferred Capless this year?┬áI really can’t decide between the Pilot Capless Kasuri Red and the Midnight blue. Green is not really my type of colour. I already know of some friends who have zoomed towards these new pens like eagles once they were out. Will you also be one who would buy one of these pens? Share about your thoughts in the comments below!

Note: This post is not an advertorial. Pictures and information have been obtained from Pilot Singapore.

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