Just a short note!

Some of you have been wondering what has happened to my site over the past few weeks. Well, to cut the long story short, my previous hosting account was expiring, I made a bad decision to switch hosts so that I could try out new ones, and then everything messed up.

This happened in April where I happened to have had two business trips to attend to, and in the midst of that, I have not been able to restore my site, despite the technical support team’s help from my new host. I was frustrated to say the least, and at some point I just told myself to be mentally prepared in case I had to lose 5 years’ worth of blog posts from my site.

Well, this weekend, by some miracle, I actually managed to restore the posts and the blog layout! It was a relief, but there are still a number of things to iron out, such as plugins not working properly, posts not posting properly, comments not publishing properly… It still sucks, but waaaaay less than before. So it probably isn’t so bad after all.

Thank you for your patience while I try to get those stuff sorted out (it may take a couple more weeks depending on whether I can figure them out, with my limited knowledge – I probably would need to ask Google for all the solutions. And thank you also for checking in with me on the situation my blog had to undergo.


I would love to hear your thoughts!