Sunday Inkings #43


Lots of fountain pen articles this fortnight on Sunday Inkings #43!


Parker Sonnet Great Expectations Subtle Big Red Fine Fountain Pen Review – The Pen Addict

Monteverde Invincia Orange Carbon Fiber Fountain Pen Review – The Pen Addict

The Mystery of the Lagostina M150 – The Pelikan’s Perch

Pelikan Stola III: A New Entry Level Contender? – The Gentleman Stationer

Pen Review – Guider Acrylic Medium – Mehandiratta

Happy Ebonite – Leigh Reyes

Review: Nakaya Heki-Tamenuri Writer Portable Fountain Pen – Gourmet Pens

Namisu Nova Comet Grey Fountain Pen Review – Ed Jelley

High Praise: An Architect Grind by Dan Smith – From the Pen Cup


Stalogy 365 Days Notebook Review – The Unroyal Warrant


Noodler’s Apache Sunset: Ink Review – Goulet Pens


How I Became a Pen Addict – The Pen Haul

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