Sunday Inkings #41


Another 2 weeks went by without a post – but we have a new Sunday Inkings header! Hope you all like it. I found out that it looks really weird when I post it on Twitter and the featured image shows up, because of the transparency. So I’m making a solid one this time. Looks pretty retro, eh!

Here are the Inkings for this fortnight!


Review: Platignum Vibe – Alt Haven

3 Best Beginner Fountain Pen Kits (At Any Price!) – Ed Jelley

The 7 Biggest Fountain Pen Mistakes – Goulet Pens

Nakaya Sumiko Skull, among other skulls. – Leigh Reyes

When Grail Pens Become Grail Sets – Collecting The Impossible – The Clicky Post

Chatterley Luxuries 10th Anniversary Visconti Pens – The Nibsmith

Review: Lamy Al-Star Charged Green – The Well-Appointed Desk


Limited Release of Old Sailor Inks – Inkophile


How a Tiny Shop in Pune is Preserving the Joys of a Fountain Pen – The Quint

Left-handedness And The Greatest Insult Of All – The Pen Addict

Controversial Changes in the Pen Community – The Gentleman Stationer

I would love to hear your thoughts!