Sunday Inkings #39


Random thought: One of these days, I’ll need to review my horde of pens and what to do with them…


Pen Horoscopes – That One Pen

Danitrio Hakkaku Ancient Flower Midori-Dame Fountain Pen Review – The Unroyal Warrant

How to hack your Ranga fountain pen to accept Zebra G nibs – Leigh Reyes

To Buy Or Not To Buy: Edison Collier in Antique Marble – From the Pen Cup

Review: Serwex 362 – Alt Haven


Project Review – January 2016 – Fountain Pen Inks and Bleach

The Cost of Inks – What Gives? – Calligraphy Nut

Those Last Few Drops of Ink – Inkophile


From $1,500 pens to Bic, Chicago executives reveal their favorites – Chicago Tribune

Washington bill would require teaching cursive in schools – Fox5

AP Limited Editions – the story of a brand – Inky Passion

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