Sunday Inkings #38


Sorry this came one day late! It’s already Monday and I am still posting a Sunday Inkings post. I had been on the flight from the US back to Singapore (a super long, more than 20 hours journey). Arrived today at 2am and only went to bed at 4am. I’m now still a little jetlagged, but at least I am getting sleepy only around the normal Singapore bedtime, which is a good thing.

In case you’re wondering, nope, I didn’t get to see a single fountain pen in the US. It was a work trip, and I only had a couple of hours of stopover time in NYC before flying to Cleveland, during which I also went to meet an old friend. I had wanted to visit Fountain Pen Hospital which a few folks seemed to highly recommend, but I simply didn’t have the time! I like NYC and will definitely go back there to explore again.

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