Sunday Inkings #37, and Merry Christmas!


Happy Sunday!

This is Christmas month, and the final month of the year! Although I don’t really celebrate Christmas myself, I enjoy the festive mood it brings and the fact that it’s a season of gift-giving. I’ve already started on my Rohrer & Klingner inks series and giveaway, where I introduce 3 inks from the series per day and give a set of those 3 inks away to a lucky reader. This will take the place of the December Mystery Draw, but isn’t this better, as a total of 6 possible winners could win something this time? Two posts have been made, and 6 inks will be on their way to the lucky winners soon. There will be four posts left, so do keep checking back over the next 4 days for your chance to participate in the giveaway draw!

Besides this, I had started on the 12 Days of Christmas guest post series last year on OFP, which is a series of daily guest posts from other fountain pen and ink enthusiasts, running from the 1st day of Christmas (25 December), all the was until the 12th (5 January). This year, I’ll be doing the same, and I know you all loved the guest post series last year, so I hope you’ll come back to read them this year too! The series start on the 25 December 2015.

Meanwhile, here are the Sunday Inkings from the past fortnight:


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