Fountain Pen Stories – Dec 2015


Here is a fountain pen story for December 2015. Stories have been edited slightly for language and coherence. As it is the Christmas month, watch out for more fountain pen posts later on. Enjoy!

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword – Anton, Singapore

My first contact with fountain pens was neither scholarly nor artistic. Sometime in year 2000, I was into survival gear, collected knives, and was interested in swords and stuff. I was an avid reader in self defence and blade forums. Then came the Sept 11th incident and thereafter, one couldn’t carry knives on board the plane anymore. Not that you could in Singapore anyway, but it also meant no Leatherman tools, nor Swiss Army knives. The self defence people on those message boards came up with the idea of fountain pens because of the sharp tip yet innocent and classy look, and one could easily apply the martial art techniques of Kubotan, which was commonly taught to police and special forces. Not that anyone is going to run into a situation everyday that needed such skills, but that’s what got me interested in fountain pens.

I went to Montblanc at Takashimaya for the 149, when I realized that the price tag was immense! I had been fondling with the pen for a long time and felt bad not buying anything, so I ended up with a Meisterstuck rollerball. It looks similar to the fountain pen… a little smaller, but a lot cheaper. After I got home I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that I didn’t get a fountain pen after all. I decided to visit Mustafa in Little India, where I found the Waterman Phileas, which looked very decent at such an affordable price. I bought it and wrote with it for a converter’s worth of ink and left in the drawer for the next ten years. Until a friend “poisoned” me and rekindled the interest. But this time, the interest is real and no longer about using a fountain pen as a weapon anymore! Eventually, I did manage to acquire a Montblanc 149 fountain pen for myself too!


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