News: The Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition Fountain Pen


Namiki is launching the Limited Edition Kabuto fountain pen, and only 170 pieces are available worldwide. Designed and decorated by skilled artisan Michifumi Kawaguchi, this piece features the Kabuto (helmet) and Tachi (sword), which are Samurai armour essentials. Today, the Kabuto and Tachi are honoured during the Boys’ Festival in Japan on May 5 every year, which is a festival to celebrate the transition of Japanese boys to adulthood.

The Namiki Limited Edition Kabuto fountain pen features an 18-karat gold nib with rhodium accents and piston ink delivery system that ensures peerless writing quality and long-lasting performance. Released for the world at a limited quantity of 170 pieces, the exquisite Namiki fountain pen is packaged in a lavish specially handcrafted Japanese Paulownia gift box and comes with a matching limited edition ink bottle. 

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The Namiki Kabuto fountain pen is designed using a combination of various Maki-e techniques, such as Taka Maki-e (raised Maki-e) for the Kabuto, Hira Maki-e (flat Maki-e) for the Tachi, and Togidashi-Taka Maki-e (burnished raised Maki-e) and gold powder for the background. In addition to Maki-e, the dome of the Kabuto has sparkling Raden inlay.

Photo source: Luxury Insider

Photo source: Luxury Insider‘s interview with Michifumi Kawaguchi

Artisan Michifumi Kawaguchi is also known for his other masterpieces, such as his 2012 limited edition Namiki fountain pen, the Namiki Yabusame (Horseback Archer) Emperor-sized fountain pen.

The Namiki Kabuto Limited Edition fountain pen will be available from October 1, 2015, at authorised retailers and distributors in Singapore. The pen will retail at S$4000, subject to GST.

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  1. memm 3 September 2015 / 2:52 PM

    The wooden box and the ink bottle are really beautiful! Funnily enough I don’t like the look of the pen so much.

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