Monteverde Artista Crystal Fountain Pen


Pen Chalet sent me the Monteverde Artista Crystal fountain pen for review, and what a bright and sweet pink it is! It comes in a medium-sized green box with white lining inside, and a ribbon to hold the pen in place.



I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it before, but I really love demonstrator-type fountain pens, which are pens that have a clear body and you can see everything that is going on inside the pen.


Technically speaking, the Monteverde Artista Crystal is not really a demonstrator as it has a glossy metal section which is opaque. But the pink body itself is made of very transparent acrylic resin and you can see the inside very well. The pen also has chrome accents on the cap (ring, clip, and button), other than its section. The feed is transparent! That means it will turn into the colour of the ink that you put into the pen!

There is a reflective chrome button at the end of the cap, and I could see myself in it, like a mirror. In the photo below, you can see my camera clip-on lens reflected clearly in the button!


While I love the overall design very much, I am just a little concerned about the section, which is glossy metal. It does become a little slippery to grip on especially if you tend to have oily hands or sweaty fingers. Needless to say, it’s a fingerprints magnet. Being very smooth and glossy also meant that it’s a little more difficult to unscrew the barrel from the section when you have slippery fingers (so, don’t screw them together too tightly).

Taking it apart

Monteverde-Artista-Crystal-dismantledThe pen is really easy to disassemble as all the mechanisms are by threads. The cap unscrews in one single revolution (convenient), and the barrel also unscrews from the section with one of the smoothest, almost friction-free threads on a fountain pen that I have ever encountered. But that’s not to say that it comes off loose easily – it doesn’t. The section and barrel stays firmly together.

The pen also comes with a twist converter and can take international cartridges as well. To clean the pen, the nib and feed can be unscrewed easily too. That makes it very convenient and ensures that you can clean the pen thoroughly.

Nib and writing experience

As mentioned earlier, the feed is transparent, and it makes it very easy to spot whether the nib and feed are properly aligned or not. Just check if the centre line of the feed is in line with the slit of the nib. If you’re having ink flow issues, this misalignment could be one of the reasons.


After filling the pen with J. Herbin Perle Noire:



The writing experience was good. The ink was fed generously to the tip, making the lines rather wet. The only nib size available was M (so I made a mistake thinking it was an F in my writing sample below). After filling up the pen and cleaning off excess ink, it did take some time to start the ink flow, but once it did, the ink flow was rather consistent. So far, I have only tried one other fountain pen from Monteverde, which is the Monteverde One Touch fountain pen (reviewed here). The One Touch writes much drier than this Monteverde Artista Crystal, but then again, different inks were used (I used the Monteverde cartridge ink in the One Touch), and Perle Noire is, after all, quite a wet ink on its own. Both nibs are the “Iridium Point” labelled nibs, with very similar engraved patterns. I would probably say they are the same nibs.

The nib is made of steel and is stiff, with no line variation. Initially I had thought that there was practically no feedback from the nib, but after increasing my writing speed, when the ink flow to the tip was reduced a little, I could feel a bit of feedback, but nothing scratchy or unpleasant. Even with quick writing, the feed was able to keep up with the generous ink flow.


This pen was sent by Pen Chalet for review. All opinions are my own.

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Do you have Monteverde pens? What was your experience with them?

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  1. Delia Z. 1 December 2015 / 6:24 AM

    Sweet pink pen

  2. Cody H 5 September 2015 / 11:03 AM

    Great review!

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