About my Patreon Page

patreon_largeWhat is Patreon?

I first stumbled upon Patreon a few months ago and felt that it was an excellent concept. Patreon comes from the word “patron”, which in turn simply refers to a person who provides support to an individual, group, or a cause. On Patreon, you can provide support via financial aid to an artist or a creator that you like.

If you’re familiar with Kickstarter, you would be able to understand this concept a little better, except where Patreon is different. Like Kickstarter, you fund a creator so that the creator is able to create a specific, usually tangible product to be sold for the amount that the public individual has pledged. The end goal is a product, and there are different tiers for different product types. Patreon has this tiered concept as well, but the end goal may not necessarily be a tangible, physical product. As a Patron, you fund to support creative works being made.

OFP On Patreon


Yes, of course OFP is on Patreon! The reason why I started doing this was, of course, to earn a bit of extra income, as blogging during my non-working hours is really not an easy task. After a day at my very dynamic workplace dealing with chemicals and projects, I usually get home feeling exhausted. Fountain pens and stationery are my hobby and interest, and this blog has got to be my biggest accomplishment so far that originated from a hobby. Unfortunately, I usually only have energy and time to explore new things and write about them during the weekends, and that further limits the potential of me developing my interest (and limits the available time I have for other things too).

So what I’m trying to achieve by setting up this Patreon page is to provide a means for you, my readers, to support me and tell me that I’ve been doing a good job at my blog, and I should continue bringing good content to the community.

Also, I have a secret desire which is not really a secret, now that my Patreon page has gone live: being the stationery addict I am, I’ve always wanted to develop my own line of stationery products to sell.Patreon-milestones

I have listed out the first 3 milestone goals and what I’ll do with the money earned. Besides using it to offset the costs involved in administering the website (such as domain, hosting costs), I’d like to use your pledges to develop my desired stationery product range.

When the first $100 monthly milestone has been reached, I plan to develop a simple fountain pen to kick off my stationery product range.

When the monthly pledges hit $200 a month, I plan to develop an exclusive fountain pen ink for my brand.

When the monthly pledges hit $300 a month, I would like to make a fountain pen friendly notepad or notebook.

More products can be arranged for every subsequent $100 mark that I achieve, all with your generous support. 🙂

Of course, you also get to benefit by supporting me. Do visit my Patreon page and see what exciting things there will be for each tier of pledges. There are 3 possible tiers for you to choose from, and you get to enjoy different levels of benefits, too!


  • Pledging $1.00 a month is like buying me a cup of local coffee every month. I like local coffee.
  • Pledging $5.00 a month is like buying me a nice sandwich every month. That’s really nice too!
  • Pledging $10.00 a month is like treating me to a decent meal monthly. You’re awesome!

Some of you have already started pledging your support. Thank you so much for bringing me closer to my goals. Those of you who are going to support me later, thank you very much too. Also, no one is obliged to support me in this way, so if you’re happy supporting me in spirit by continuing to read my blog, I’m really grateful of that too!

I would love to hear your thoughts!