Sunday Inkings #26


The Pilot Capless Bamboo has been launched in Singapore if you haven’t heard about it yet. Check out my review here. I love my Cherry Bamboo version and inked it up with the Iroshizuku Murasaki Shikibu, a lovely purple colour. [Photo]

Namiki Nippon Art Flower Basket Fountain Pen Review – The Unroyal Warrant
*This pen is absolutely beautiful!

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Pilot Custom 823 Fountain Pen with Architect Grind Review – Ed Jelley

Early Pilot Nibs: I. Introduction / II. Size 0 – Cronicas Estilograficas

Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 91 – Alt Haven

And in case you haven’t noticed, newly launched is the new Online VISION Calligraphy Set which was made to commemorate SG50. Watch out for something exciting coming up tomorrow on OFP! Click on the banner below for more details on this new launch.




New & Improved Nock Co. Dot Dash Pocket Notebook – The Well-Appointed Desk


KWZ Gummiberry Iron Gall Ink Review – The Pen Addict

Ink Shot Review: Louis Vuitton Bleu Rêveur – Gourmet Pens

4 Keys to Achieving Maximum Satisfaction with J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor – Goldspot Pens

De Atramentis Document Blue – FPInkGeek
*Super bulletproof, it seems

Stipula Verde Muschiato Is On My List – Inkophile


How I Use My Notebooks – The Finer Point

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