Sunday Inkings #25


This fortnight’s Sunday Inkings came a little late, but here it is anyway! Over the last fortnight, I have come across a variety of interesting blog posts by other writers. Here they are:


The Pen Addict – Pilot Metropolitan White Tiger Fountain Pen Review (I did a review like that too, check it out here)

The Pen Addict – Staedtler Intium Lignum Fountain Pen Review

The Pelikan’s Perch – A Guide to Buying Pelikan

The Clicky Post – Retro 1951 Tornado EXT Fountain Pen – Blue Marlin

Penucopia – Newton Shinobi – Clearly a Cut Above

EDC (Stands for everyday carry)

The Unroyal Warrant – Loadout For Five Weeks In Europe

The Pen Addict – June Stationery Carry


The Well-Appointed Desk – Papier Plume Inks

The Desk of Lori – Reviews of the Noodler’s Saguaro WineDiamine Bilberry, and KWZI Iron Gall Green Gold inks

Quo Vadis – Emerald of Chivor Ink Links (a reference for those of you who are looking very forward to that new J. Herbin 1670 ink)

Also, my friend Parka from Parkablogs has reviewed the Caran d’Ache Colours of the Earth inks that I sent to him, and he even made some sketches with them. Check out his sketches here.


The Pelikan’s Perch – the Pelikan 2015 hub locations have been announced.

By the way, I’ve been so honoured to have been a featured blogger on the Pen Addict’s podcast #160, published on June 22. In particular, my #pendelight post on the Staedtler SG50 Flora and Fauna fountain pen has been mentioned in the podcast. Yippee!

I would love to hear your thoughts!