Sunday Inkings #24




The Gentleman Stationer writes about his stationery addiction and how to deal with it


In Cronicas Estilograficas, there are a couple of posts on the Pilot Capless pens, covering 1973 through to 1984.

Ink Pens shows us the internal structure of an Aurora pen, courtesy of Aurora Pen. It’s like studying Anatomy during school…

FP Quest has reviewed the Pilot Capless in red birch wood and with a left oblique nib. Strange that it is called the Cherry Bamboo when it’s not made of bamboo. I’ve also reviewed it here.


All Things Stationery reviewed the Leuchtturm 1917 notebook, one which I’ve been wanting to get! I like this version which is of a nice cyan colour.

I’ve recently spotted this Kickstarter campaign of a PenPad, which is a notebook that allows you to store a pen in it. Interesting concept!

Do you keep or destroy your journals and notebooks? Read about how some users of Rhodia destroy their notebooks.


Don’t forget to check out Pen Chalet for fountain pen deals, if you happen to be thinking of buying a new one!

Pen Chalet

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