Sunday Inkings #22


Hello, I’m back! I missed the last Sunday Inkings as I was still overseas on my European holiday trip. It was a nice and very rushed and packed itinerary, and I visited many nice places which I would love to go back to! (But no pen shops!)

I returned to Singapore with one day to rest before I went back to work, but on that day of rest, I had fever and a horribly painful throat. I went to see the doctor and the very next day, my fever and throat recovered, but I lost my voice. Awesome. That was 1.5 weeks ago and today my voice is only about 80% recovered, and I am still coughing more than ever. 🙁 Today I will be flying off to Shanghai for a business trip. What a life…

We’ve had quite a number of new posts from the last fortnight. Here are this fortnight’s Sunday Inkings for your reading pleasure!

Writer’s Bloc has come up with 12 reasons for writing with grey fountain pen ink. I realised I haven’t really written with grey ink before. I shall make a mental note to try it out one day.

The Well-Appointed Desk is going to start on a sketchbook or a visual journal. Head over to her blog to have a look at her tips and recommendations. She has also lately acquired the Stabilo Point 88 set, which are not fountain pens but I love them very much. I also have reviewed them here before!

The Unroyal Warrant has done a mega review series of Smythson papers. There are 12 different types of papers, and the reviews have been split up into 3 parts. Read Part One, Part Two and Part Three. I would love to get my hands on some of those papers myself!

The Pen Addict has listed a couple of exciting pens as his personal top 5 pens of May 2015.

The Pelikan’s Perch has shared about Pelikan Hubs of 2015. Be sure to mark down September 25, 2015, 6.30pm at your local time to participate in your nearest Pelikan Hub! To find out your nearest Pelikan Hub location, you can refer to the article by the Pelikan’s Perch.

The Finer Point reviewed the Platinum Balance fountain pen. I’ve seen a couple of questions popping up on how the pen behaves. Seems like Jenny hadn’t had a good experience with it. Now I can’t wait to try it out for myself to see how it would fare for me.

From the Desk of Lori, I spotted the Diamine Safari ink. It’s such an interesting colour – brown sometimes and green sometimes. Check it out.

Pete Denison has done a pretty good comparison of the Pilot Metropolitan vs the Tombow Object fountain pens. I have reviewed the Metropolitan too, but haven’t tried the latter before.

Sailor is known to have many different types of nibs with fancy names, like the Naginata Togi, Fude, and Zoom nibs. I still can’t remember the differences between all those fancy nibs. Here is a review of the Zoom nib on a Sailor Sapporo pen by Pen Pursuit.

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  1. Michael Simon 25 May 2015 / 2:10 AM

    Welcome back. It’s great to be again getting all the information you share with us.

    • Maybelline T. 25 May 2015 / 7:20 AM

      Thank you, Michael. I’m happy to be back to share information with all of you too. Just give me a bit of time to get my schedule in order and more posts up! 🙂

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