Sunday Inkings #17



This week we have 2 giveaways that I know of. One is organized by yours truly, of course. You can grab a few chances to win 1 of 3 Wahl-Eversharp leather zipper pen pouches. Link to the giveaway here. This one ends on 8 March!

Pen Chalet is also holding a giveaway, with pretty awesome prizes:

Link to the giveaway here, and it ends on 9 March.


Inky Passion talked about the Lamy Persona, “the lesser known flagship“.

Some beautiful fountain pens do not need to cost a bomb to purchase. I bought a set of 3 Baoer 507 fountain pens, complete with those Chinese character engravings. Alt Haven has borrowed them for a review right here.

The Gentleman Stationer has put together a great article about what to consider before buying a vintage pen. Check out Part 1 of the series.

The Newsprint has written an extensive article about the Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen. Here is the article. Also, if you are interested to see a close-up of how it looks like inside (the trapdoor mechanism), have a look at my Youtube video (and maybe subscribe in the process as well, hehe).


If you like to support Kickstarter projects, here are a couple you may consider. Note that I am not endorsing them, just notifying you that there are such projects in progress:


If you’ve ever wondered what fountain pen people use besides pen, ink, and paper, here’s a write-up by Pen Pursuit about 5 tools that we use as well.

Ed Jelley reviews the Nock Co. Dot Dash Pocket Notebook.

I would love to hear your thoughts!