#pendelight: Black and blue, white and gold, plus other things

If you have been even a tiny bit engaged on social media, you would most likely have heard of the latest hype about a black and blue dress that looked like white and gold to some others. If you haven’t, you can read about it here. In case you wanted to know, I saw it first as light blue and brown, but as i looked multiple times, it got more and more undoubtedly black and blue.

Maybe you don’t care, but…

I went to browse around at Fook Hing┬áto look for black-and-blue and white-and-gold fountain pens. I wondered how these pens would look in these colours. I realised it wasn’t too easy to find a pen that is really black and blue in colour. Most of those on display were blue marbled with white, or all-blue. But I finally found one, and a “matching” white-and-gold pen as well:


Well, the blue has a bit of gold too… and the pens are not THAT matching…

On the top we have the Pelikan M800 which Prem has reviewed right here, followed by the Aurora Optima. Both pens have gold trims. For the Pelikan M800, this is a classic pen of the Pelikan brand, the smaller sized version of the flagship M1000.

For the Aurora, the Optima has been one of its signature models, and this particular white-gold design is the Aurora Optima Flag Limited Edition fountain pen. Why Flag, you ask? This pen has been made to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Italian flag. The pen comes in green, red, and white – the colours of the Italian flag.

More pictures for you to look at, since this is a #pendelight post:

IMAG0589 IMAG0592


It now makes me wonder if ink colours may be interpreted differently, too! Have you had any experience on that? Share in the comments box!

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