Sunday Inkings #16


Is cursive writing important? Some think it may be a waste of time. Read this article on The Conversation – it’s good food for thought.

Microsoft’s CEO also thinks that the fountain pen will be extinct in a decade. What do YOU think?

Leo Foo has created some adorable fountain pen pixel art in an infographic on Facebook (in The Inkwell group). Check it out and see which category you fall under!

Urner from Flexynibs has written a simple guide to using flex pens, which you can read about right here.

The Bullet Journal method that I have come across lately is inspiring me to get my tasks in order and be more productive and efficient. Check out the article by Fast Company to see what it’s all about. I’ve just started bullet journaling! The only thing about this is, you can’t really plan far ahead in the future (or maybe you can, with some tweaks and adaptations) – but it’s really a great way to do some current planning.

Speaking of organizing things, check out Ana’s method of cataloguing ink swabs in her Maruman Word Cards. I’ve always been attracted to cards like these but never found a use for them. Now this is a great option!

Althaven also shares about her notebook workflow in this post. Interesting to see how others use their notebooks!

And Leigh Reyes talks about the Desiderata flex pen that seemed to be pretty popular in the fountain pen realm.

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  1. Daniel Sim 22 February 2015 / 9:27 PM

    I do not think fountain pen will cease to exist in ten years time. Just like anything is done by the hand, it will instead become a premium. Think of it, technology and automation replaces the ability of human beings to do things with their hand. It is taking away our ability to appreciate things because we no longer make it ourselves. The process of experiencing is gone.

    I am sure in time to come, probably a small group will bind together to want to keep such experiences alive. I am sure fountain pen and handwriting will be one of them.

    You can type using a certain font type on the keyboard but you surely will not be able to experience the joy of able to write them yourself with the keyboard.

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