Straits Pen Fukubukuro Sale


Howdy! I am late to blog about this, but I guess it’s better late than never! In early January this year, I found out that Straits Pen was holding a Fukubukuro sale. Fukubukuro is 福袋 in Kanji, which means “Lucky Bag”. This is a Japanese custom of the New Year where retailers will pack “goodie bags” of items unknown to purchasers, and sell these bags at a substantial discount. It is a win-win situation for both merchants and customers, as the merchants can clear off their stock from the previous year (it is deemed unlucky to carry forward stock over the New Year in Japan), and customers can get items at a discount, with the surprise element of not knowing what you will get (maybe a gem?).

So this was what Sunny from Straits Pen organized for the fountain pen community, and I knew I had to join in when I saw the list of potential items he had stuffed into the Fukubukuro bags (as quoted from the Straits Pen website):

  • 5 of the Bags will contain a TWSBI pen.
  • 4 of the Bags will contain a newly launched product.
  • 3 of the Bags will contain a choice of 4001 Ink.
  • 2 of the Bags will contain a choice of Pilot Iroshizuku Ink.
  • 1 of the Bags will contain a Pelikan m200 Clear Demostrator Fine. (Top Prize).

I was late to the game when I contacted Sunny from Straits Pen to inform him of my interest, as there was only one bag left that was already reserved by someone else earlier in the day. I was put on waitlist for a potential second round of the Fukubukuro, and finally, Sunny contacted me again to do the draw! These were the remaining choices for me to choose from:


I was really hoping I could get the clear Pelikan M200, as I have only 1 Pelikan pen in my collection! But Sunny told me that the Pelikan has been won. Aww, too bad! I picked the series that looked the “nicest” to me: XOXOX. And I got…

Bag 21 —

Seems like I have lots of fate with Pilot Kakuno pens! Sunny let me choose from a whole bunch of Kakunos, so I decided to get a purple one with the white barrel, and an M nib. A comparison review with my blue, grey barrelled, F nib Kakuno, to follow in the coming posts!

For the inks: I simply had to get the pink lot of Pelikan 4001 cartridges (of course, what else?), since I’ve heard they are not so readily available. I also chose a Waterman South Sea Blue ink (which is now known as Inspired Blue… but I like the old name better). The PR Fiesta Red, as Sunny told me later on, was replaced with another Waterman ink, and I was given the choice to pick one – so I picked Havana Brown (now known as Absolute Brown, and again I prefer the old name).

I also had a choice of colour for the glass dip pen. I already had a couple of coloured dip pens of my own already, so I chose the clear, colourless one.

So here is my haul from this Fukubukuro sale!


Although I’m disappointed I didn’t get a Pelikan or TWSBI (I’m never lucky with such things), I was still glad that I have a bunch of new things to play with! Sunny has told me that the response for this lucky bag draw has been really great, so he is looking to do more of it in the coming New Years. So watch out for the event on Straits Pen in early 2016!

Like the items in my Fukubukuro bag? Get them from the Straits Pen shop or on Amazon US.

5 Responses

  1. Bryan 8 May 2015 / 7:11 PM

    Thinking of getting a glass dip pen for my gf. Is it a good choice to get it from straits pen ? (no idea what brand it is) or I should get a branded glass dip pen like J. Herbin

    • Maybelline T. 8 May 2015 / 11:45 PM

      Hi Bryan, I am not particularly familiar with dip pens. I have 2 Herbin ones myself, and wasn’t extremely fond of them. I haven’t tried my straits pen one though. If you intend to get one for your gf to write with, be sure she will like the writing experience as it is rather particular!

  2. DELively 23 February 2015 / 1:06 PM

    I’ll have to watch out for that next year. How much was the bag,by the way?

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