Sunday Inkings #14


There is a bunch of interesting inkings around the fountain pen community these last two weeks.

First and foremost you simply have to check out The Pelikan’s Perch’s post about what you need to know about pen shows… and it includes a list of pen shows in and outside of the US! Brought out the wanderlust in me, especially all those European countries!

If you’ve ever been convinced to prefer a certain pen brand over another, you may be able to relate to Recording Thought’s post on his experience with the TWSBI pens as opposed to Pelikans. As for me, I love TWSBIs but I haven’t tried enough Pelikans to make a good comparison. The one and only Pelikan that I have was a great pen!

The Pen Habit also came up with a video tutorial on how to adjust your fountain pen for ink flow. Will you be giving it a shot? Read his disclaimer first, though!

Writer’s Bloc came up with 8 reasons for you to own an expensive fountain pen. Have a look and reassure yourself to get that next expensive fountain pen that you’ve been eyeing!

Do you know what is writing crosshatched? The Cramped has a little write-up on the crosshatch writing method to battle bleedthrough of ink on paper. It’s pretty bizzare to me and I doubt it’s a technique I would use, though!

If you’re feeling generous and would like to support some Kickstarter project, here is one that seems interesting enough: the Code and Quill notebook. Read The Well-Appointed Desk’s introduction to the project.

I like seeing how things are made, and if you’re like me you may enjoy this short video clip posted by FP Geeks on Jack Row and the making of the Mirage fountain pen.

A recent craze over inks has to be around the 15mL Iroshizuku set-of-three fountain pens inks. I haven’t gotten a box of them myself yet, how about you? Read Cronicas Estilograficas’ post about it.

I would love to hear your thoughts!