Sunday Inkings #13


First Sunday Inkings of 2015!

The recent event on OFP, which is the 12 day of fountain pen bloggers Christmas series, seems really popular. If you haven’t read the posts yet, or missed some out, check out what has been published so far right here. As of Sunday, 4 Jan, we would have almost completed the entire series except for the last one, which will be tomorrow.

In other news…

MissElderberry has got a new diary for the new year, and the paper quality seems pretty decent – it is able to take a wet nib and doesn’t feather or bleed through. Check it out.

Do you know what is 2015’s Pantone Colour of the Year? Head over to Inkophile’s to check it out. Also check out the fountain pen ink which she has picked to match it best.

I’ve never owned or tried out a Conway Stewart fountain pen, and Gourmet Pen’s Conway Stewart Winston in marbled green looks particularly juicy! Read her review of it.

I love my Kaweco pens and even named my Skyline Sport in mint as my Pen of the Year 2014 in Pen Heaven’s Stationery Bloggers Review of 2014. So, I was pretty pleased to see That One Pen writing and comparing 3 Kaweco pens, the Skyline, AL-Sport, and Student. Read about it here.

Jeff Abbott has written a review of the Stipula Splash fountain pen over at The Pen Addict. It’s another pen that looks really attractive and the nib flexes! Check it out.

I would love to hear your thoughts!