#pendelight: 2015 Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange

If you’re a fan of the Lamy Al-Star range of fountain pens, you may be pleased to know that the 2015 colour will be a nice, vibrant Copper Orange!


Lamy releases a new colour every year for their Safari range of pens, including the Al-Star, which has an aluminium body instead of the Safari’s plastic. I got my first Al-Star in black-purple which is really more of a magenta-type colour, and this was one of my first “serious” fountain pens when I started my fountain pen hobby. Here a link to my review and comparison between the Lamy Al-Star and Lamy Vista, its transparent counterpart. I thought I made an excellent choice picking the black-purple colour. (And hey, the last I’ve checked, this is also the colour being featured on the Lamy Al-Star webpage!)

The Lamy Al-Star was a later release after the highly popular Safari pens. It comes so far in pretty limited colour choices, even tending more towards the cool colours (maybe because it’s aluminium and usually cooling to the touch?), so if you have been waiting for a warm and vibrant Al-Star colour, you can look forward to this Copper Orange release!

Lamy copper orangeThank you Fontoplumo, for highlighting this piece of news to me. You can already start to preorder your Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange fountain pen or at their website as it is only available in February.

If you like playing matching ink colours, be happy to know that Lamy will also release their orange ink cartridges to go with this 2015 Copper Orange fountain pen. And if you don’t like cartridges, why not just buy¬†their Z24 converter and fill it up with any ink you prefer!

What is your favourite Lamy Safari/Al-Star fountain pen colour that has ever been released so far?


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