Greetings, Fountain Pen Enthusiasts!

Hello everyone! My name is Prem, and thanks to Maybelline’s generous proposal of collaboration, I will henceforth be contributing to this blog, along with Thomas.

I decided to make my first post an introductory one of sorts. I first got into fountain pens last year, when I was looking for a new medium to sketch with. I mostly used pencils, and had only dabbled with ballpoints and gel pens, neither of which I liked using. Enter the fountain pen. Not only were these pens beautiful, I could fill them with any colour of ink I liked! I was instantly smitten.

Following a well-beaten path, I purchased a Lamy Al-Star and a Noodler’s Konrad for my first pens. I instantly disliked the grip and writing feel of the Lamy. This is not to say they are bad pens – in fact, their durability and nib-swappability make them quite popular beginner pens – but it just did not feel right in my hand. Since then, I have taken the time to learn more about fountain pens, and to try as much as I can before I buy. Now I ensure that the pens I purchase are ones that I definitely will use, as I am not into collecting and storing pens.

A Montblanc 146P, Pilot Deluxe, Pilot Custom Heritage 92, oh my!

My EDC – A Montblanc 146P, Pilot Deluxe, Pilot Custom Heritage 92, oh my!

I aim to provide my personal opinions and sentiments about the writing feel and practical usage of a pen. I personally prefer broader, wetter nibs that provide a hint of feedback. However, I will be as objective as possible in my reviews of pens, and will touch on things like size, feel in the hand, weight, response and pleasure to use. These factors, along with filling system, durability and aesthetics are key considerations when I buy a pen. Things like price are very subjective, but I will include them in future posts and you may make your own personal judgements about it.

Since getting into fountain pens, I’ve also delved into the world of inks and paper. Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews on paper, which will reflect smoothness, absorbance, colour, price, weight and pleasantness to use, and ink, which will include my thoughts on flow, waterproofness, shading, sheen, vibrancy, dry times and price.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and reviews here, and hopefully you will get some enjoyment out of it too!

I would love to hear your thoughts!