Day 12: Turning A New Page Into 2015 @onfountainpens

Day-12-headerToday is the final post of my 12 days of fountain pen bloggers Christmas series, and I hope you have enjoyed the whole series. It was the first time I was doing something this significant for On Fountain Pens, and I am really grateful that all the bloggers who contributed have been such wonderful people to work with! Here are links to their blogs, in order of the day their posts have been published. Do pay them a visit and support them too!


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As we turn a new page into 2015, On Fountain Pens is also going to have some changes and additions this year, what I would like to call “expansion packs”. I’d like to take the opportunity of this post to announce some of the exciting things that are coming up at On Fountain Pens!


In 2015, On Fountain Pens will be transitioning from a “I” into a “we”. There will be two new writers for On Fountain Pens, helping out in reviewing pens and all that. Yes, we will work together to bring more awesome posts to you, hopefully more frequently as well!

On Fountain Pens has been started as a resource targeting left-handed fountain pen users, but I realised that many of my readers are right-handed folks. Besides, one may argue that there isn’t a very significant divide between left and right-handed fountain pens nibs, and these can always be tuned to suit each hand. Most lefties buy a “normal” fountain pen with similar goals as a rightie in mind, without needing a leftie nib as a prerequisite to buy the pen. So, in 2015, we will be having 2 right-handed fountain pen addicts, Thomas and Prem (both from Singapore too), to join us!

Read the About page to find out more about the 3 of us.


I’m rather tempted to call us the “Three Blogging Musketeers”.


OFP-quarterly-drawTo bring more delight to you, our valued readers, On Fountain Pens will be organizing a quarterly mystery gift draw for all our email subscribers. To qualify for the draw, all you need to do is to subscribe to On Fountain Pens via email using the bar at the top of the website, or in the Subscribe section in my sidebar (right-hand side for desktops, or scroll to the bottom for mobile).

During the months of March, June, September and December, we will export the list of emails that have been subscribed to OFP and use a generator to generate a winner or winners. The winner(s) will then be emailed and notified that they have won, and after we have verified the winner(s), it will be announced on OFP. You will not know what the gift will be, until the winners have been announced and the gift of the quarter is published on OFP!

We are aware that many of you also subscribe to us using feed readers such as Feedly, Flipboard, etc., but unfortunately we do not have the means to track all subscribers from external services. Therefore only email subscribers will be eligible for this mystery gift draw.

Head over to this page to read all the details and to find out how you can get more chances at winning the draw!


pen-write copyContributing to On Fountain Pens is not something new, but we are introducing new ways and specifics in 2015 regarding how you can contribute to On Fountain Pens. You can submit a guest post to us, as long as it is related to fountain pens, just like the 12 days of fountain pen bloggers Christmas series that I set up.

If you like On Fountain Pens and would like to support us in cash or in kind, you may like to sponsor us either via Patreon or Paypal (cash sponsorships), or contribute relevant products for us to review and/or give away.moneybag copy

We are also accepting paid projects if you would like to put up a relevant advertisement or request that we write an advertorial for your product, brand, or company.

For all information related to contributing to OFP, check out our “Contribute” page.


In case you haven’t noticed, we have a revamped “Where to buy” page which can be accessed from our top menu bar. We are listing shops and retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar stores, which specialize in selling stationery, with a good range of fountain pens included.

The businesses are organized by country or region. At this moment we only have information sufficient to group into Singaporean, European, and American businesses, but we may spin a specific country off into its own page once we have more information about it.

If you think a store or business should be listed but isn’t, or if you find that a store’s information is incorrect, drop us an email and we’ll assess the relevance and link accordingly. Note that this resource is simply a listing and not recommendations.

That’s it, we’ve got a whole bunch of new stuff to welcome 2015, and we really hope that you are as excited as we are about it! Here’s wishing all of you a Happy and Fulfilling 2015, and… don’t forget to start subscribing! 😉

I would love to hear your thoughts!