SFPL Pen Meet, Dec 2014

SFPL stands for the “Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers”, and we are really a bunch of fun and cool fountain pen enthusiasts indeed! If you had been following my Twitter account, you may have noticed that I posted a tweet about the pen meet that was going to happen on 7 December 2014. Well, the meet turned out awesome, and we had so many more people than expected! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure:


This was not even the full force yet!

When we had to confirm the booking of the room, responses had been slow, and we booked a room that could fit about 40 people. In the end, about 60 or so people actually turned up! Yes, many of them had no chairs, and I feel apologetic as the room was indeed a little cramped and just full of people everywhere.



While some were concentrated on writing, many others were totally captivated by the collection of very beautiful, expensive, and vintage pens that a member brought here


Notebooks, ink, vials, pens… all over the place!

Everyone seemed really happy and engrossed in talking about their pens, inks and accessories. The room was bursting, not only with people, but also with all the chatter and energy! Despite the gloomy weather and rain outside, everyone seemed cheerful.


Look at all that colour!


These are Chinese inks that looks so delicious, but I’ve never heard of them before!


Somebody’s pen case. Spot any familiar pens?


Fountain pen enthusiasts can surely get creative. Look at what we’re putting inks into!


Renover Life Notebooks, with vintage design!

Now for the items. We had Renover Life Notebooks as the door gifts in 3 different colours and styles (grid, ruled, and blank). The paper is of great quality and definitely fountain pen friendly. If you have read my review of the Life Noble Notebook, you will be happy to know the the Renover variant has the same paper, less creamy but whiter. They also have a similar vintage-looking design on the book cover, but they are different in that there are fewer pages than the Life Noble notebook. We’ve also had awesome lucky draw prizes, the top 4 prizes being a Pilot Justus, a Platinum Century 3776 Nice Pur, a Franklin Christoph music nib pen, and a set of 8 Sailor inks! I didn’t get to win anything, though!


As an admin and organizer of this event, I haven’t had the time to talk to many people, since I plonked myself down at the registration table in the front for almost the entire meet. It was pretty overwhelming, but I’m lucky to have my fellow admins and some nice folks around to help me out! Also, thank you to those of you who came to the front to chat with me (you know who you are!) and ogle at my Chinese pens! I have also exchanged a couple of pens with people to be reviewed on my blog, so stay tuned for them.

Speaking about blogging, I’m so pleased to have 4 active fountain pen bloggers of Singapore to be present at the pen meet. I know all of them individually, but never seen them all together in one place before. Introducing the fountain pen bloggers…


L-R in terms of blog names: ParkaBlogs.com, InkyPassion.com, AltHaven.com, OnFountainPens.com (yes, that’s me!)

I wish that all pen meets were like this (except I wish I had more time to talk to many people and try out their pens), and with the sheer number of people, we could definitely rent bigger rooms in future!

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    What is that slotted black holder you’re using called?

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