Exciting Series to Come: 12 Days of Fountain Pen Bloggers


Before the first day of Christmas, my fountain pen came to me: 12 bloggers on OFP.

Merry Christmas Eve, dear readers! I know I haven’t been blogging very consistently over the last 2 weeks, and there areĀ a number of reasons involved. One is that I have been ill for a week (yes, again. Grr…). Another is that I have been trying to work on getting more awesome stuff for this blog. I’m still working on it, and meanwhile, I have put together something exciting for all of you this holiday season: 12 days of Christmas with fountain pen bloggers!

As you may know, the first day of Christmas starts on Christmas day itself, the 25th of December. It then runs all the way to the 5th of January, being the 12th day of Christmas. Starting tomorrow, we will have one fountain pen blogger a day, guest posting here on topics related to fountain pens and writing.

I’ve already received some of their posts, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy it.

Are you as excited as I am? Stay tuned! First post starts tomorrow!

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