Sunday Inkings #10


It’s been a long time since I have written my Sunday Inkings! Here’s one with lots of goodies from various blogs all around:

Amidst all the hype about Pelikan discontinuing BB and other nibs, The Pelikan’s Perch has written an informative post about how to safely remove and replace Pelikan nibs.

The Pencil Case Blog has written about the Lamy 2000, one of the pens I’ve been wanting to get.

Palimpsest is celebrating their 5 years anniversary! Drop by to say congratulations!

Inkdependence! is talking about the Stipula Mush Green… not an excellent green but some may like it.

And speaking about inks, the Clicky Post reviewed Noodler’s Bad Belted Kingfisher.

You can also look at Plannerism’s newest entry about the pocket Moleskine notebook. Cute Snoopy pic alert!

If you are fond of vintage pens, here is a review of the Conklin Duragraph fountain pen for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Goldspot Pens is already releasing the winner of Pen of the Year 2014.



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