Kaweco Skyline Sport fountain pen in Mint colour


20141109_125443By the generous sponsorship of Frank from Fontoplumo, I received this cute little Kaweco Skyline Sport fountain pen! One can never have too many Kaweco Sport fountain pens, I think, and I had been trying to decide between the original Classic Sport in Bordeaux or in white…

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve already reviewed the Kaweco Classic Sport some time ago, and although my picture shows many Sports together, I effectively only owned one of them – the clear version. The Bordeaux would have been a rich addition to my Kaweco collection, and the white a very elegant looking one. But who would have expected that I would have a chance to get a MINT coloured Kaweco?! 😀


Mint is not a common colour for fountain pens, and this is definitely my very first mint-coloured pen. Nice idea, Kaweco! Besides the colour, there are a couple of differences between this Kaweco Skyline and the good old Kaweco Classic range. With the Skyline, Kaweco has brought to its range a new version of the Classic Sport, in which the golden coloured parts have all been changed to silver! For those who dislike gold, this can be a very welcoming change indeed and it can give you another reason to buy more Kaweco pens. 😉

First, have a look at the nib:


The design is not too different from the original gold-plated Kaweco nib (link to image), but this silver-coloured nib of the Kaweco Skyline is chrome-plated steel. Just like the gold-plated counterpart, this new nib writes reasonably smoothly out of the box and I didn’t have to tune it at all.


If you remember the adorable little button logo that Kaweco has installed on its cap, you can see here that in the Skyline version it has changed from gold to silver in colour as well. Now that I think of it, I suppose silver would be a much better colour to match with a mint-coloured body. Some colours simply don’t go well with either gold or silver respectively. For instance, I would think that the Bordeaux Classic Sport wouldn’t look good with silver at all.

Not to mention that I am simply loving my macro clip-on lens that I used to take this picture… don’t you just love macro shots?


Not a single detail was omitted… even the lettering “Kaweco Sport” at the side of the pen cap has been transformed from gold to silver.

Now of course I have to ink up the pen to try it out! Dismantling the pen (which I hadn’t discussed in my previous review) was easy, just like the good old Classic pens: just unscrew the cap, unscrew the barrel, plug in the converter or cartridge, then screw everything back together. Frank has included a squeeze-type converter for my own use, but the Kaweco Sport can also use international short cartridges with no issues.


I almost forgot to mention that another very welcoming addition to my Kaweco Skyline pen is the clip! The Kaweco pen itself has an octagonal shaped cap cross section, so generally rolling is prevented due to the multiple facets present. However if you are careless enough, or simply want to add a nice little ornament to the full-solid colour body of the pen, you could get a clip. I know also of people who absolutely need to clip their pens somewhere, be it on a notebook or in the pocket. I received the nickel clip, but there are also N clips that are a little more elegantly-shaped, with curves and all that, if you prefer it so.


Yes, I put 3 ticks for this Kaweco Skyline fountain pen for having “lots of goodness packed in a little body at an affordable price”. It’s true! You can have a look at the Fontoplumo Web Shop to see what other nice pens there are.

I have also filmed a video of the process of unboxing the pen, inking it with J. Herbin Perle Noire (using the squeeze converter), and writing with it. The writing sample has been done on my trusty Rhodia Dot Pad, as most of my reviews were. Be sure to watch till the end of the video because it contains some nice macro video shots of the pen!

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  1. sandscribbler 25 November 2014 / 11:12 PM

    Great looking pen! And very nice close up photos! What specific macro snap-on lens are you using?

    • Maybelline 25 November 2014 / 11:21 PM

      Glad you like it! I Dont remember the brand but its one of those clip on lens that I put onto my Android phone to take all my macro pictures. If you are from Singapore you can get them on qoo10. I got mine on Groupon.

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