Guest post: Transforming the Platinum Preppy

This is a fun and creative guest post about switching around parts of the Platinum Preppy, Plaisir, Desk pen, and highlighter, written by Thomas Teo! For more information on the Platinum Preppy and Plaisir, check out my review.


So, the story goes…..

You want a fountain pen that is yours. I mean not just yours, but truly yours. A pen that has the right color combinations, writes well and works well. Most important of all, it represents you! Think that you are that Tony Stark, and want a gold (obviously!) and hotrod red. Something to suit that suite of yours? :)

But yet you don’t have that kind of fortune… 🙁

Well, Tony did built his first suit in a cave, didn’t he? Can’t a fantasy be a reality?

And then….

You get yourself a preppy, a simple and cheap fountain pen. And there is a gold-colored 0.3mm nib! Good to use, nice to hold, easy to break… 🙁


Then you found another gem, the Platinum Plasir in red! That hot-rod metallic red fits the bill! And home it is coming with you!



But it comes with a 0.3 red nib, and there is no color variation. But wait, you have a yellow preppy with a gold nib, haven’t you? Aren’t the Preppy and Plasir nibs the same? And so the nib swap… makes the signature gold/red combination:


As happy days goes by, you can’t help noticing that grey collector. It makes a happy pen so… unhappy.  Something must be done!

Introducing the Preppy highlighter. The feed is yellow in color, and differs from highlighter to highlighter. In any case, you want an exciting color.


And the result is a visual art.


This is finally a pen not found in the market and can be truly marked as your pen. And at such a low cost as well.

Well, a 0.3 nib is still too large, and let’s face it, the nib is gold-colored and sooner or later the gold will peel, leaving the steel nib below exposed. It’s gonna look bad. In fact, the gold color is already peeling off, right now.

So, why stop there? Why can’t you have a EF gold nib? Or at least an EF gold plated nib? Yes you can. Introducing the final component, a Platinum Desk Pen:


And the final product:


A hotrod red, EF gold-plated nib with a yellow feed. Isn’t that a sight to behold?

As for the side-effects, you also have a highlighter, a desk pen and preppy just in case someone wants to borrow a pen. Doesn’t this complete your life? :)


Get all the materials you need on Amazon:

Platinum Preppy: Amazon US | Amazon CA
Platinum Plaisir: Amazon US | Amazon CA
Platinum Desk Pen: Amazon US | Amazon CA
Platinum Preppy highlighter: Amazon US | Amazon CA

I would love to hear your thoughts!