Danitrio Screen Temaki Flowers (HD-3) fountain pen

Danitrio HD-3

Danitrio is not a brand that I am familiar with, but after trying out couple of pens owned by a visiting fountain pen enthusiast, and attending the inaugural Southeast Asia Danitrio Maki-e event held in Singapore last year, I must say I’m very impressed with their range of pens. So you can imagine my delight when I received this pen in the mail… as a GIFT! Thank you so much, generous friend (you know who you are). I’ve always been hoarding pens, but now that I have this pen, it simply fuels my desire to start collecting beautiful Japanese pens. <Checking into reality, checking my pockets… uh-oh! Budget is still a constraint…>

If you haven’t heard before of Danitrio, it is an American fountain pen brand that specialises in urushi and maki-e pens. Urushi, derived from the sap of certain trees, is a special type of lacquer originating from Japan and was frequently used in fountain pens of old. Today, pen brands like Danitrio, Edison Pen Co., Manupropria — just to name a few — and the bigger Japanese pen brands such as Pilot-Namiki, Nakaya and Sailor, still employ the urushi lacquering technique in some of their pens, although it is a diminishing art. Maki-e literally means “sprinkled painting” and it is a decorative lacquering technique that uses coloured dust sprinkled over the pen body to make the pictures. Temaki, on the other hand, makes use of silk-screen printing to make the pictures on the pens, and it is not maki-e (common misconception), although both techniques are delicate.

I’ve done a full review of the pen on the Fountain Pen Day website as a celebration of Fountain Pen Day 2014, please do go there and read all about this little beauty!

The Danitrio Screen Temaki range of pens by Hideo-san (HD) includes a series of numbers depicting various motifs. As these pens are no longer in production, I cannot find very much info about them online, however you can still try your luck on Amazon US (doesn’t seem to be available in Amazon CA)!

I was also feeling adventurous, so I decided to film my very first pen video! Please support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel. I liked the idea of video reviews so I will be planning more videos in the future!

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