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20140706_130326Hey now, call it a mini, cos you know that you will…

Other than a pen addict, I am a colour addict as well, and nothing can be more fulfilling than to receive a sponsorship from Stabilo in the form of COLOURFUL PENS. Hey now, look up! You wouldn’t want to miss this set of Stabilo point88 mini goodies!

I’ve done a review of the Stabilo point88 before right here, so you already know my opinion on it way before this review. This “mini” version of the point 88 is pretty much similar to the “adult” (hehe) version of the same, but the awesomeness is now packed in a little sporty-looking plastic bottle.

Note: you cannot put water (or ink, if you prefer) into the bottle and drink from the mouth at the top. Tried and tested, by yours truly. It just won’t work. Don’t try it at home (especially with ink).

In it is a bundle of 18 differently coloured point88 minis. Just look at the wonderful colours available…


If you observe the tag that comes along with the bottle, it actually shows all of the 18 colours in a nice sequence. So I arranged the pens in the same sequence and it looks pretty cool:


Stabilo seems to favour more of the cool colours, so you see more blues and greens in the series, and only a few hues from the hot range of the rainbow. My preferred colours are actually everything except for green, so I expect to use a good 75% of the available colours there! Well, actually the greens are pretty nice too:


Look at the top row of colours! Bright, hot, vibrant. The second row of colours are just perfectly matched (pinks and purples). The third row of blues are cool, and then there are one too many of the greens, but that’s alright, I can try drawing nature stuff with them. The colours you see here are slightly enhanced and contrasted, as the lighting in my room where I took this picture isn’t so good. For instance, on paper, the yellow and leaf green are pretty bright and less legible. The colours in the orange column (second) are less glaring on paper than on this photo as well. But overall the hues are quite representative of what you’ll get in real life! Which is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

20140706_132018I bought a clip-on macro lens for my phone camera so I decided to show off what amazing things it can do. Actually, there’s nothing particularly amazing, but just check out the high zoom level on a written word by this pen. No feathering of ink! It shows through a bit on the other side of lousy A4 printing paper, but does not bleed through. Great for writing on both sides of the sheet! Nope, I did not test it on tissue paper.

I also zoomed in on the pen nib. I never really know what material su20140706_132120ch nibs are made of. But it looks like some plasticky thing. It’s imposed on a metal tip, which gets a little tarnished over time, but that’s no big deal.

Sadly, I couldn’t find my old “adult” point88. I think my mum took them when I wasn’t looking and just didn’t return them. But I found my Pen 68 which I placed over the set of point88 minis to show you how much the difference in lengths of the pens is. In short, this Pen 68 is able to span across all 18 of the point88 mini pens, with some leftover length at the ends for about 3-4 more pens!


Some numerical dimensions of the poin88 mini:

Length capped: 11.8 cm
Length uncapped: 10.8 cm
Length posted: 13.2 cm
Diameter: 0.75 cm

If you’re one of those who has a pencil case that doesn’t fit long pens and rulers, this may be a great writing tool to bring around. But who needs a pencil case, since these minis have already its own sporty bottle to store them! Just hook them to your bag while you’re on the go!


Little Schwans on the Stabilos.


By the way, if you’re living in Singapore, or intending to give a friend who lives in Singapore a nice little treat, I’m offering 3 promotional codes for a 10% discount off your shopping cart when you shop at Stabilo Shoppe’s website. They only ship to Singapore for now, that’s why I’m opening this giveaway up to those living in Singapore only.

It’s easy to do this: Send me an email with the subject “I want to shop at Stabilo Shoppe”, tell me your name, where you’re from, and what you would like to buy from the website, and I will reply the first 3 eligible entrants with your promotional code (which will be valid until 31 July 2014). This giveaway ends July 17 2014, or after all 3 promotional codes have been emailed out, whichever comes earlier.

Good luck and good fun!

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