Winner of the OFP 100K giveaway~

Aaaaaaand, the winner is…


Congratulations! You have been selected on one of your tweets which is eligible as a winning entry. Here’s the comment which was the compulsory field to enter the raffle…


That means, you’ll be getting the Manu Propria Tamenuri fountain pen, all to yourself! I already hear sighs of envy from multiple others who weren’t as lucky as you!

But wait…

1. Please leave a comment on this post to acknowledge winning the raffle, and
2. Reply to my email that I’ve sent to you to inform me of your mailing address

Gotta do both of the above by 30 April 2014, if I don’t receive either one or both of them by then, you’ll have to give up your prize to another person!

For all others who did not win: don’t worry, try your luck again at the next raffle! Meanwhile, thank you very much for showing such great support, with the 78 nice comments, multiple tweets and retweets, and so on.

I’ll be overseas for the next week or so, so I may not be available to talk pens over here, but I have an interesting guest post by Martin Pauli of Manupropria about Urushi coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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  1. andreakirkby 17 April 2014 / 5:58 AM

    Oh wow…. oh goodness. Thrilled! Just… thrilled, squealing, and pretty nearly speechless with delight.

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