Sunday Inkings #9



I’ll be flying off for a business trip evening, but here’s a small handful of nice reads for you while I’m gone! Probably no update from me (except perhaps on Twitter) for the next couple of weeks, but do keep the tweets and comments coming!

Waterman Carène Fountain Pen Review – Best Fountain Pens HQ
Kaweco Dia2, 2013 – Strange Knight
Changes in Hand Writing – EastWestEverywhere
Review: Franklin-Christoph Olde Emerald Writing Fluid – Gourmet Pens
Lifesaver: Monteverde Artista Crystal Wild Stripe Fountain Pen
How to write beautiful calligraphy – Lifehack
Anyone can take up Chinese calligraphy – The Borneo Post
UOB raises over $200,000 for charity at calligraphy auction – AsiaOne News
Calligraphy: Creating words of beauty –

TTFN (ta-ta for now)!

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