Sunday Inkings #8



Sunday Inkings are back!

Sunday Inkings was previously known as “Fortnightly Inkings”, as my loyal, long-time followers should be familiar with at some old point in time. That means, every fortnight I would make it a point to publish a list of interesting articles about fountain pens, stationery, writing or calligraphy. Sometimes even art, or anything that is of interest to me. I’ve changed all that to Sunday Inkings, as I’ve noticed that the bulk of my old Inkings were published on a Sunday.

During this long while since the last Sunday Inkings entry, I have been so busy in life that I haven’t been disciplined enough to post stuff on a regular basis. This time, instead of committing to post every fortnight, I will allow myself a bit of leeway and just post on any Sunday that I feel like posting something. One has got to balance my sideline hobby with the hectic work life that I have!

Here are the articles for the #8 instalment of Sunday Inkings:

Pilot Pen Celebrates ‘Signature Style’ and the 2014 Golden Globes
The 2014 Arkansas Pen Show
Word As Art: Calligrapher Carol DuBosch
DODDS employee’s calligraphy part of Okinawa exhibit
World first for Kiwi calligrapher
Ask The Desk: Clogged Fountain Pens

2 Responses

  1. Ben 17 January 2014 / 8:04 AM

    Great shares, those calligraphers are sooo talented

    • Maybelline 17 January 2014 / 8:14 AM

      Yup, you can do that too, with enough practice!

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