Pilot Capless event in Singapore

I got informed that Fook Hing Trading Co. in Bras Basah, Singapore, is having an exclusive showcase of Pilot Capless pens! Check out details on the event here: http://www.fookhingtrading.com/the-mini-pilot-capless-exhibition-fook-hing-trading-co.

I like Pilot pens and I own a couple of them myself, but never got down to buying a Capless. There has been so many occasions where I could have owned a Capless for myself, but I never clicked the “buy” button. Today, I wonder why. And it makes me annoyed that I don’t even have a photo of the pen to put up here. 🙁

A Capless, also known as a Vanishing Point, should make writing fast and convenient, as you do not need to pull out or unscrew a cap. There are a couple of mechanisms such as the “revolving” type and the “knob” type where, like a ball point pen, the nib is pushed out when you revolve or push the knob. I have heard and read reviews of the Pilot Capless pens and they were mostly, if not all, positive. Here’s an example: The Pen Addict’s review of the Pilot Vanishing Point.

I should put that on my Christmas Wish List. 😀

Fook Hing is going to showcase both the new models as well as vintage models. This should be pretty exciting to see. I’m planning to drop by their place one of these days at Blk 231, Bain Street #01-23, Bras Basah Complex. Will post photos if I manage to take some!

The Pilot Capless showcase runs from 16-22 November, 11am-7pm daily.



I went down to snap a few quick shots of the Pilot pens. What nice pens they are! Unfortunately I didn’t get any for myself. Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure…

20131119_190446 copy

20131119_190502 copy

20131119_190514 copy

20131119_190526 copy

20131119_190536 copy

20131119_190551 copy

20131119_190601 copy

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