Guest Post: How to choose a signature pen

In bygone years, a pen was considered a status symbol. The highest-class citizens used quills with extravagant feathers attached, fountain pens were made of gold and symbolized knowledge and education, and you can bet that the Declaration of Independence wasn’t signed with just any old writing utensil. While the invention of the computer led to a decline in the importance of pens, owning a high-quality luxury pen still portrays a look of class and intelligence. If you’re looking to purchase a statement pen that will make a long lasting impression on colleagues and potential clients, this handy guide will show you just what to look for.

Know the Types

Becoming knowledgeable about the different styles of pens is important for two reasons. First, it will help you to choose the one that will work best for your lifestyle and your unique penmanship. Aside from the mechanics, knowing the different types of pens is important because your new pen will surely become a conversation starter. When someone notices an extravagant or handsome pen, they’re sure to ask questions about it — you don’t want to be left stumbling around your lack of insight into your writing utensil.

The major types of luxury pens today are fountain pens, quill pens and ballpoint pens. Quill pens are the most extravagant, traditionally made of a feather from a large bird and requiring a separate jar of ink to dip the tip of the quill into. Quill pens provide a sharp stroke when writing and are used for stylish penmanship like calligraphy. Fountain pens have a similar nib tip to the quill pen, but they contain an internal reservoir of liquid ink that eliminates the need for the dipping jar. Modern fountain pens are some of the most popular luxury pens, often made of extremely high-quality materials and with prices that can reach hundreds of dollars. Ballpoint pens are another common pen type, and while these are normally viewed as cheap or basic, there are some very classy versions as well.  Ballpoint pens dispense their viscous ink from an internal reservoir through the rolling metal ball at their points, creating a fast-drying writing that requires less effort than other types of pens.

Think of How You Write

While the appearance of a certain type of pen may seem appealing, looks aren’t the only thing to take into consideration when choosing your signature pen. A good pen can last decades and are often very expensive, so choosing one that is functional and comfortable in your hand is extremely important. As an exercise, take a regular pen and write a few sentences, being sure to carefully observe how your hold the pen and how your write. Do you squeeze the pen firmly in your grasp, or do you grip it lightly, allowing for extra movement? Do you press down on the paper with the tip of the pen, or do you write with a more delicate touch? These things are important when considering which luxury pen to purchase, and they may even be the things you already take into consideration when you purchase pens for your desk.

If you tend to steer clear of rolling ball pens or gel pens because you write with a heavy hand, the fountain pen or quill pen probably aren’t for you. People who write lightly and create fine, thin lines on each letter can afford to forgo the durable ballpoint in favor of a more delicate fountain pen. Just as important as how you write is how often you write. If you’ll be using your pen to occasionally sign documents or write checks, a quill is a stylish choice that won’t become a bother. If you spend a great deal of time writing long documents, however, choosing a ballpoint pen is a much safer bet.

Decide Where You’ll Store It

Once you have an idea of how you’ll use your new pen, you should consider where you’ll keep it. Quill pens, for example, look beautiful on a desktop because of their large, dramatic feathers and their fancy pots of ink, but they become a whole lot less pretty when their ink spills all over the inside of your briefcase. If you know that you’ll be on the go with your pen quite frequently, a handsome ballpoint pen or fountain pen are much more practical options. Lawyers, doctors and other businessmen and —women with a more stable office situation are the types who would appreciate a decorative quill pen. These writing utensils make perfect centerpieces on a large executive desk, creating a sense of authority and a constant conversation piece.

Choose a Price Point

Because pens at an office supply store are so inexpensive, it may evade some first-time buyers how high the prices of luxury pens can be. In order to eliminate that element of surprise when you see the price tag on that dream pen, anyone in the market for a signature pen should thoroughly research brands, prices and styles before purchasing. You are the only one who knows your budget, but it is also important to allot yourself a good bit more than you would for a regular pen since this one will last you for years longer. Choosing a price point that is too low can result in shoddy workmanship and frustrating performance, while a price point that is out of reach can make you feel uncomfortable each time you use your new pen. Choose a comfortable medium, do your research and make a thoughtful decision and you’re sure to be happy with your luxury writing utensil.

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