When Fountain Pen Lovers have too much free time…

One evening after getting back home and feeling bored, I visited the Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers Facebook group and found a bunch of folks as bored as I was! A thread full of brand wordplay! I love wordplay so I joined in the fun too.

Note 1: This post is not meant to ridicule anything, just having fun, alright? FUN. Not suitable for those who don’t have a sense of humour.

Note 2: Some of the language inside, especially sentence structure and grammar, are colloquial. After all, it IS a group for Singaporeans.

To protect the privacy of the members, I have blurred out their display pictures and covered up their names.

fb1 fb2 fb3 fb4 fb5 fb7 fb8


Well. There you have it. A bunch of fountain pen lovers having too much free time on their hands…

I would love to hear your thoughts!