Upgraded to a new site

I’ve been editing my site layout for so long that I totally forgot to put up an announcement here about this new site! Well, this new site was “opened” about a month ago in the final week of May, but I put up my first post here on 1 June. That’s the one about the Sheaffer Centennial which I attended in Singapore. I also announced my site on my on Google Plus and Twitter on 10 June, and on my Facebook Page on 15 June. What a mess! I shall just take the date of my earliest visible activity on this site as my official launch date… So,

I hereby declare that my site, onfountainpens.com, has been officially opened on 1 June 2013!

I am still keeping my old blog, but removed all posts except for the last. Here’s a screenshot to reminisce how it used to look like…


I don’t think I will miss the old blog that much, since everything has been imported over here. The only thing I will miss is probably the traffic which I have spent the last 2 years building up! I’ll have to start from scratch here again.

Let’s just talk a little about the new features here that you didn’t see in my old blog.

Firstly, you’ll see advertisements around. After all, this is a paid domain and I am a poor blogger, so I’ll need some source of income! I do try to keep the number of ads low so it doesn’t clutter the page.

Secondly, I have added a tagboard on the sidebar so it would be convenient for you to leave a general message when you visit my site! This tagboard used to be very popular a few years ago, but nowadays, people don’t really seem to have them on their sites anymore. So I thought of just putting one there for the fun of it. Do leave a message when you’re visiting!

Another feature which is coming very soon is an “Involvement” page (already in the menu bar above) which lists the events or groups related to fountain pens and stationery that I am involved in.

More features will be coming soon, as I improve my blog over time! So please check back often to see what updates have been made or new features added.

Anything not working, or any comments/feedback? Leave a message on the tagboard or email me.

I would love to hear your thoughts!