Are you still handwriting?

While I haven’t been terribly active on my blog, I haven’t really been slacking either, in terms of my pen adventures. I am currently into flex pens, the kind where the tines of the nib section can split apart, creating wonderful line variation. With my amateur hand, let me show you what can be done…

With Noodler's Ahab and Herbin Orange Indien ink

With Noodler’s Ahab and Herbin Orange Indien ink


Same Ahab and same orange ink. Just different words. And with some attempted decoration around the words.

Same Ahab and same orange ink. Just different words. And with some attempted decoration around the words.


Are they nice? Nice? 😀 Alright, I do admit that I did some modifications to the pictures to enhance their attractiveness. I really really think the LOMO effect that I used on the pictures (using a smartphone app) really brings out the best of my amateur pieces. Let’s see one without the additional effects:

No more LOMO. But this was written with a dip nib pen, not the Ahab.

No more LOMO. But this was written with a dip nib pen, not the Ahab.


Isn’t it strange? People complain that the Ahab is less pleasant to use than a dip nib. For me, I felt that a dip nib was incredibly difficult to control. The tines split too easily, but the nib holds too little ink. Not to mention that the scratchiness makes writing quite difficult especially for a left handed writer like me. I then decided to venture into vintage flex pens. Got a vintage Waterman off a seller on my fountain pen group. I love it! It’s…

I hope you are writing too. It doesn’t have to be something fancy. You don’t even need to use a dip pen or a flex pen to write. It would be interesting to try, though! Do consider picking up a pen and “handwriting” something nice today!

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  1. Maybelline Tan 23 October 2012 / 10:12 PM

    Haha, no other words as apt as "handwriting" and "decoration"! I do agree with you, I like the shape and size of the Ahab but it could be flexier! Have not done any modifications to the pen yet. 😛 Thanks for your compliment by the way, and drop by again soon!

  2. Maybelline Tan 23 October 2012 / 10:10 PM

    Hi Cecilia, thanks for dropping by and leaving a message! It's very encouraging to me when people leave messages to give feedback and comments on my blog. 🙂 I will try my best to post more pictures and information about writing, hopefully that will help!

  3. Unknown 21 October 2012 / 8:43 PM

    I think I'm in love with your handwriting!!! 😀 Found your blog through Fountain Pen Day – So glad! 😀
    Looking forward to learning more about FP' + Lefthand writing here.. Have a lot of customers asking me about this! (here in Norway) 🙂 Cecilia


  4. write to me often 10 October 2012 / 3:38 PM

    I like the easiness of Ahab and other Noodler's flex pens, although they require some adjustments at the first place. It is convenient to carry them around and be able to doodle or write something whenever you want.

    By the way. I liked your handwriting and decorations (I guess there was another word for that :/ )

  5. Mike Grove 10 October 2012 / 3:04 AM

    Wow, what lovely neat writing you have! Personally, I have been practicing lately by copying out a bit of Shakespeare (Hamlet – you know, 2b or not 2b, etc), and my favourite poet, Robert Frost. Never tried a dip pen before though…reckon I should sometime 🙂

  6. Azizah 10 October 2012 / 12:32 AM

    Awesome!! Your "amateur hand" has produced some lovely writing 😀 I'm still learning how to use dip nibs… they key seems to be a REALLY REALLY light hand lol. But I can imagine it's more difficult for a leftie. Hooray for vintage flex pens! That's where it's at. You'll have to share some pictures of your vintage Waterman (my favorite!).

  7. Shangching Huitzacua 9 October 2012 / 11:56 PM

    Lovely handwriting! I agree Ahab is a pleasure to write with, but I have to say, my writing with Ahab does not look half as great as yours!

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