Jinhao Blue fountain pen


The fountain pen being reviewed today is not in my possession, and neither is the review done by me. I am very happy to have a friend from the Singapore Fountain Pens Lovers Facebook group do a review of her blue Jinhao fountain pen to be shared on my blog to all you readers out there!

I’d like to first comment on Hwee Min’s review style and why I like it. It is surely different from mine in that she has done a written review, while my reviews are mostly typed out. Also, she seems to have a better-quality camera than I do, because her pen photos look like brochure-worthy material as compared to my less professional photos which are generally taken with my phone’s camera!

One important note: Hwee Min is right-handed, while I’m a leftie. You can probably expect the difference in handedness from the way she structures her review below fact that she has a STRUCTURED review, something I would say is typical of a left-brain-dominant right-hander. In contrast, my reviews are mostly unstructured, not unlike tangles in bushy hair sometimes, and I have an excuse for that: I’m a leftie who is right-brain-dominant. If I may generalize.

I appreciate her willingness to share her stationery experience, which I am sure would benefit some of you out there. I don’t have a Jinhao pen, so I don’t have relevant experience in this brand, but I do wish to own this same pen one day just to compare the differences in experience from the point of view of the leftie.

Let us see what she’s got to say about this blue (model unknown) fountain pen:

The Jinhao fountain pen which we call "Blue"

The Jinhao fountain pen which we call “Blue”


Written Blue Jinhao FP review Page 1

Written Blue Jinhao FP review Page 1


Written Blue Jinhao FP review Page 2.She seems to have some violent tendencies, doesn't she?

Written Blue Jinhao FP review Page 2.
She seems to have some violent tendencies, doesn’t she?

Blue, capped

Blue, capped


Don't you love swirls? I am crazy about them!

Don’t you love swirls? I am crazy about them!


And of course the nib with some engravings on it too

And of course the nib with some engravings on it too

(If you ask me, I would give the appearance of this pen really high marks. It is too attractive to resist.)

Have you got a Jinhao pen too? How was your experience with it?

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  1. Maybelline Tan 17 June 2012 / 11:53 PM

    Hello Lee, thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post (comments are hard to come by nowadays, it seems!). I am curious about chinese brand pens too, especially those which are really cheap but of good quality.

    I will let my guest blogger of this post know about your compliments. Thanks for adding my blog. I found yours and saw that it is mostly on stationery too, so I have put it up on my Reading List to follow. I hope you will continue to enjoy and support my blog! Thanks again!

  2. Lee 17 June 2012 / 11:28 PM

    I have a few Jinhao pens, but I think this one looks nicer than all of mine. I appreciate several things about Jinhao — their willingness to outfit pens with broader nibs than the likes of Hero or other Chinese companies, their love of larger and heavier pens than others, and the fact that I have never gotten a terrible Jinhao. I don't like that the pens always dry out after a couple of days. The pens I love and use more often are the pens that won't dry out for a couple weeks. This probably has a lot to do with the 18-20 pens I seem to have inked at any given time.

    Thank you for the guest review, and I thank the guest for the excellent review. I found your blog from Gourmet Pens link share, and I have added your blog to my own blogroll.

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