I’m happy today because…

It’s now 11.30pm on a Saturday night of Easter. The day hadn’t been spectacular and my Twitter feed was relatively stagnant. Maybe everyone else has gone away for the Easter holidays. A reply tweet from one of my followings seems to confirm this fact – they have FOUR days of weekends for Easter in the UK! Well, Singapore has only one day less, but one day can make a big difference (I could have done more calligraphy practice in one more day of rest).

It wasn’t until half an hour ago that I decided to visit my blog and count the stats for the day. I thought it was a Blogger error when I saw the number, but it wasn’t – there were a whopping 150 reads today! Incredible! Amazing! A milestone for the blog! Never have I seen a day on this blog attracting more than 50 followers. To add to my joy, two fellow SFPL page members have just told me they are following my blog. And of course I should mention that someone from Singapore has also emailed me yesterday to tell me that he chanced upon my blog and encouraged me to keep up my passion! This is awesome, I thought my blog was very insignificant in the sea of fountain pen blogs all around!

A great gift indeed, well-received today, the gift being a huge encouragement to me to keep this alive!
-back to mulling over pens-

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  1. Wayne 8 April 2012 / 7:52 AM

    This is wonder news Maybelline, your blog is great! =)

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