Counting down to my trip

This Saturday I’m setting off for my very first time to Europe! Spain and France in two weeks is really quite rushed. It’s really exciting, but it doesn’t help that this last week in the office is going to be a hectic one. Monday came and greeted me with severe Monday blues and a large pile of work. Now Monday has just gone and I’m not even asleep yet. Whatever happened to sleeping before 11.30pm everyday?

Sorry for being grouchy today. Work has given me a slight migraine which is making me irritable! I am irritated at myself for being irritable too. Argh.

On a brighter note, I should tell everyone that I just bought 3 interesting and nice writing instruments. As usual, they are cheap and super affordable items (provided you are not up to your neck in debt). One is a kikki.k Kontor white fountain pen. The second is also from kikki.k, but it’s a gel pen with a nice floral design. The third is an interesting-looking Stabilo mechanical pencil. Look forward to these reviews soon! I’ll most likely be reviewing the kikki.k products tomorrow, which coincides with U.K.’s National Stationery Day!

Stay tuned.

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