Whew, I haven’t been on this blog for quite some time. Life has been pretty hectic for me, especially at work. A bunch of stress from there. Planning a trip to Spain and France for this coming May (flying off on 28 April). I’m about 75% done right there – hotels, transport and land tours in Spain have been booked, ┬áplanned for day trips around Madrid and Valencia already, and I am now left with Nice, Aix-en-Provence and Paris to plan for.

You must wonder why I need to plan in such great detail when I’m going to big and popular cities (there must be so many attractions there, just wander around for a bit on your own). Well, this is my first time flying to Europe, my first trip where I’m the furthest away from home… and not to mention that I’m virtually visiting one city per day. So I need loads of proper planning to make sure that I get to see the most number of attractions in the shortest time possible!

I really owe you, my dear readers, a bunch of fountain pen reviews. I’ve bought so many fountain pens lately that I blush and act nonchalant at the sight of my bank account. Not that I have been buying 10 Mont Blancs in a month, no. But I had planned to keep this hobby as low-cost as I can manage. So with each new fountain pen that costs more than $20 is already, well, forcing me to act nonchalant at my bank account.

To give a rough idea of how it has been like: within the past month I have acquired 3 new fountain pens.
1) Duke Carbon Fibre, ground to an italic stub
2) TWSBI 530, ground to a stub
3) Sheaffer VFM Ruby

These total up to more than $100 of pen purchases in a month. On top of this, I am still waiting for my chance to get Sheaffer’s 3 Friends of Winter fountain pens, and a glass pen. Which, combined, would amount to more than $100 as well.

I am also trying to observe more on inks, and trying to think of a structured way to do a good ink review (not that my pen reviews are excellent to begin with – needs improvement, but I try to learn!). I bought a Private Reserve Arabian Rose yesterday from Aesthetic Bay. TOTALLY LOVE IT.

Looks like retail therapy works for me too, much as I don’t want to admit it. I don’t shop for bags, shoes, clothes, jewellery or cosmetics. I spend my money on fountain pens, inks, papers and other stationery!

I would love to hear your thoughts!