Acid free paper

A rare, short post in the middle of the week…

In my quest for good paper on which to write with my fountain pens, I have been snooping and sniffing around for quality paper. Recently I have asked a Tweep whom I follow (@PensPaperToo) what is acid free paper. Here’s the reply:

Acid free paper is suitable for archival purposes – it will last a lot longer. Not important for shopping lists etc but if you want your words/painting etc to last tens of years acid free is important. You can buy special fibre tip pen which mark a different colour on paper containing acid so you can tell what you’re using.

Interesting. I never thought much about acidity and paper. But it makes sense – paper with a non-neutral pH could cause reactions with whatever you put on it, be it ink, glue or other papers. This would then eventually ruin whatever is recorded on the paper.

A quick look at my office A’zone notebook doesn’t show me whether it is acid-free or not. Another quick look at the A’zone website also doesn’t state if the Team A’zone notebook that I am using is acid free or not. (However, I have found a nice glossary about the terminologies used related to paper on the A’zone website here

Apparently I do need to get the pen as mentioned to test for paper acidity. I found a particular brand online called Lineco. Shall consider buying one soon. I just wonder where in Singapore I can buy one!

I would love to hear your thoughts!